Social media has become an increasingly popular way of online marketing for small and large businesses and it’s fast becoming a major factor in the marketing strategy for millions of businesses all over the world.

Every company should have some sort on social media presence and depending on their resources available and the type of business they are in, will help decide which social media platform they should concentrate the majority of their efforts on.

Most businesses find that Facebook works well for them, especially if they are dealing direct with the public. If you own a hairdressing business for example then you can quickly target people within your location by joining local Facebook groups and posting about your business on there. You will need to create a business Facebook page and remember to include as much information as possible when setting up your profile.

Once you have your social media profiles set up, you need to ensure that you have them promoted on your website. There are many ways of doing this, depending on how prominent you want it. You can choose to simply add links in the header or footer of your site to your profiles on the social media sites or you could have feeds from these sites actually displaying on your site.


Many companies and businesses are now getting on board with social media marketing. Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have been around for a number of years now and whereas previously they were mostly used for personal use, more and more businesses are taking advantage of them as a marketing platform.

The beauty of social media is that you can very quickly reach a large amount of people and often at little or no cost. To get your social media accounts to work correctly you will need to know how and when to use them. For example, it may be that you need to post a number of business orientated posts and a number of more fun, personal posts.

Unless you want to spend hours and hours reading blog posts and watching tutorials, you may well be better off speaking to a social media expert who will be able to manage your accounts for you or advise you of how to use them effectively.

Social media marketing can be done with no cost apart from your time, so is a great way for start up businesses to do some quality marketing without having to fork out thousands of pounds.


Many companies believe that social media marketing is not for them and that they do not need to advertise their business in this way. Not having a presence on the social media sites can mean that you miss out on business and opportunities of work.

Much of the advertising that is done on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter is free, so it seems silly to not include this in your strategy as even if you only get one or two enquiries a month from it, it may have cost you nothing and so is still worthwhile. Many businesses steer clear of social media marketing as it is unknown to them (especially if they do not use it in their personal life). If you really do not feel confident in using social media sites or if you want to get some expert advice, then why not turn to a social media marketing company to assist you. Often they offer a range of packages to suit your business and budget and will either manage it for you or help you to manage your accounts effectively.


Many companies are now using social media to marketing their business. There is a number of popular social media sites that you can use, but the most popular ones for businesses are usually Facebook and Twitter.

If you have a business that deals direct with the public then social media is especially important as you can connect with individual users on a personal basis. If you owner services to other businesses then social media can still help and should be a part of your marketing strategy. Business to business companies can help establish and build a brand using the social media sites.

The beauty of social media, is that much of it is free, it just takes time which some businesses simply do not have. If this is the case, you could consider hiring a social media marketing company to assist you with the creating of content and posting / replying to social media interaction.


Videos can be a great way to interact with your audience. It may be that you want to show your customers a new product or service that has come to market or maybe to introduce your team and the premises that you work in. Video is also often used as a training tool. Companies can create videos and tutorials about services or products and upload them to their site or link to them to allow their users to learn in the comfort of their own home or office. Some companies even offer this as a package allowing them to create a number of informative videos and selling them to people who wish to participate in the training. This involves little overheads, once the initial video is created, allowing them to resell it quickly and with little or no ongoing costs.

If you are looking in to video production, then I would advise using a professional company or individual to create them for you as it really can make a massive difference.