If you have a businesses that uses social media to advertise your company then you will probably be aware of home much time it can take up posting on each one and replying to comments etc. Although this is a very important part of social media marketing, some businesses simply do not have the time to spend on these sites and therefore the social media marketing doesn’t appear to work. If this is the case, then it may be time to either outsource your social media account marketing or invest in some software that allows you to manage all of them under one roof. That means when you create a post you can chose whether to duplicate that post on other social media accounts.

The cost of outsourcing your social media marketing varies usually dependant on the number of accounts you have and the time spent on each of them. You can expect to pay a minimum of £60 per month upwards.


Facebook was first seen as a way individuals could connect with past and current friends but since then it has evolved in to something that now many businesses use for marketing purposes. Facebook can work for a number of types of businesses especially if it is a business to consumer type.

When creating a profile for your business on the social media sites such as Facebook, you should ensure that you set it up correct so it is easy for customers to understand what you do. You will need to add images to your profile which should reflect your business and what you do.

Once you have an active profile you need to start gaining followers, the best way to do this is to promote the link to your Facebook profile in as many places as possible such as on your own website, on any promotional material such as leaflets and sign written cars / vans.

Knowing what to write on your Facebook business account can be hard, there are some great online marketing companies out there that will advise you on frequency and content to use.

Social media marketing can be used for many things such as special offers, increasing brand recognition and helping to build up a client base, it’s also great for getting customer feedback and getting positive reviews about your company.

On some social media you can create a company profile where people can ‘check in’ when they visit your company and can leave feedback and reviews on your site. Reviews can be written and you can be awarded up to five stars for service. The review section also allows you as a company to respond to reviews so if there is anything negative on there it allows you to reply to try to appease the customer and show other customers that you care about putting things right when needed.

You can also request that feedback is sent directly to you via instant message for pre-approval, that way other customers can’t see that feedback unless you choose to publish it.

Website development and design have been widely affected by the growing changes in technology. In the last decade, web hosting has also seen a shift from the traditional form of hosting to cloud based hosting. The technologies are bringing more reliability, speed and cost effectiveness in the business of web development and maintenance. Virtually every medium-sized business and big companies have websites. This has created a huge demand for website programming and designing. It has also created many ways of increasing the speed at which these websites are built. This has mainly been attributed to the categories that have been given to websites such as blog websites, e-commerce websites and even payment processing websites. The most commonly used open-source methods of developing and designing websites include the following.


CMSs have changed the traditional way of building websites from scratch. Basically, a CMS is a content management system that allows and ensures ease of data handling within the site. A CMS is software mostly open-source software that has already been developed to run various forms of web applications. Website programming knowledge is not necessary with CMS as one can easily build his or her own website within a couple of hours by just using drag and drop options. WordPress, Drupal and Joomla are the commonly used blogging CMS platforms today.  Read More →

If you have recently had a website created that has gone live or have a new product or service that you wish to promote, you may become frustrated that the search engines have not re-crawled your list and indexed the information, meaning that no one will find you on the search engine result pages. This could lose you valuable sales and if you have a special offer that is only on for a limited time could potentially mean that the offer has expired before it has even been picked up by the likes of Google, Bing or Yahoo.

You could go down the route of setting up Pay per Click adverts which are normally pretty instant but can be costly but you should also ensure that you take advantage of the social media websites, most of which are free. Social media is growing fast in popularity and you can easily reach thousands of people within a few seconds. You need to build up a group of followers and find places that you can post your links in order to reach the most people. But if done correctly it can get instant traffic to your website.