When carrying out any online or web marketing it is vital to track the progress of the work you are doing to see if you are getting a return on your investment.

There are a vast amount of online marketing avenues that you can try, all varying in costs. You will need to review the possible marketing options and decide which ones you want to concentrate your budget on. It may be that you have a three month rolling strategy which allows you to test a number of marketing avenues over a twelve month period. From this you can then analyse which one performed the best for you and look at investing in it further. You should bear in mind that some of the marketing techniques can take longer than 3 months to start seeing the affects therefore you may have not given it long enough to have a true idea of how it is performing.

Marketing a business is vital for most companies and often is one of the largest proportions on a businesses marketing budget. It can be a bit of a minefield knowing which avenues of online / internet marketing you should concentrate on and a marketing agency will be able to guide you through this.

On-site optimisation – In order to get your site ranked well on the search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, you need to have quality on-site optimisation. Examples of this would be highly relevant content, inter linking pages and meta data. Also the way the code for the site is written and the page loading speed are vital to achieving great on page optimisation.

Off page optimisation – You also need to concentrate some of your resources on improving you off page optimisation such as link building, social media marketing and article / directory entries.

If you have recently had a website created that has gone live or have a new product or service that you wish to promote, you may become frustrated that the search engines have not re-crawled your list and indexed the information, meaning that no one will find you on the search engine result pages. This could lose you valuable sales and if you have a special offer that is only on for a limited time could potentially mean that the offer has expired before it has even been picked up by the likes of Google, Bing or Yahoo.

You could go down the route of setting up Pay per Click adverts which are normally pretty instant but can be costly but you should also ensure that you take advantage of the social media websites, most of which are free. Social media is growing fast in popularity and you can easily reach thousands of people within a few seconds. You need to build up a group of followers and find places that you can post your links in order to reach the most people. But if done correctly it can get instant traffic to your website.

When people think of social media marketing, they normally think or either pay per click types of advertising within the social media websites, or simply of creating a business page and promoting it to gain likes / followers and build up a community etc. These are both great forms of social media marketing but there is often one very important aspect that people forget to consider.
Social media is a place for consumers to discuss a product  / service or company with friends and family. Often this information can also be seen by people that follow the company and may not know the writer of the comment. It is very important to read comments made about your business and proactively respond to positive and also negative comments. A negative comment can have more than 5 times the impact a positive one can and therefore it makes sense to act on these. It may be that the person has made a mistake in which case you need to confirm this in a public response (always making sure you are friendly and professional) but if the person has a valid point then do not be afraid to admit that you are disappointed in the service they have received and will ensure that the situation is rectified. People can be very forgiving and will often not be put off by a company who admits that they had a problem but that it has been resolved and that is very proactive in sorting out any issues that arise.

No matter what industry you are in, the internet houses a whole host of avenues for marketing techniques. One increasingly effective marketing method is based around the trade services such as building carpentry and plumbing. These types of tradespeople can be marketed on review based websites such as Myhammer, ratedpeople and checkatrade.

These websites allow customers to leave feedback regarding services and read and rate tradespeople after receiving their services. This is a fantastic marketing idea for tradespeople who have a great customer satisfaction reputation even if they charge a little above the average costs as most people will be willing to pay a little more for a builder/plumber with a great reputation.

Internet marketing for any industry that allows customers to post feedback is a great advertising tool and shows that you have confidence in the service your business provides. It also allows a method of dealing with any negative feedback as on these websites you can reply to customer comments to show that you also offer great customer service if clients aren’t 100% satisfied.