When it comes to marketing many companies are on the lookout for a quick fix. Marketing can take time and money and you may have to do it for a good few months to see any results. Business owners can become impatient and want instant results and where as there are some legit marketing avenues that can give quick results there are also some that promise the world and fail to deliver.
Often people get sucked in to emails they receive or adverts they see that promise them number one spots in the organic listings on Google etc. within a week. The people making these sorts of claims cannot promise to deliver as the only people that have a say on where you rank is the search engine giants like Google that use a confidential algorithm to determine the order of search results.
Spending money with these types of companies may end up boosting your search engine rankings but if you are being promised something that there is no certainty of then you should proceed with caution. There are still a lot of black hat techniques been used today by companies to try and cheat the ranking system. These may work for a while but you almost always get caught out and if you are blacklisted it can take a very long time to recover and find yourself up with the top search results again. Before proceeding with a new marketing company, do not be afraid to ask them the types of techniques they are going to be using and the benefit this will have. If you are in doubt of the techniques they have mentioned then it is important to clarify if there are any risks involved in doing so.

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