When having a website created you need to consider how you want it to look along with the functionality that will be involved in building the site.  You should think carefully about the colour ways you want to use. These colours should match your company branding. Where you position your logo and the main navigation of the site is also crucial. You may want to go with the traditional layout of a website or you may opt for something a little more quirky.

Knowing what works on a website can be hard for the inexperienced but if you work with a design agency, they should be able to advise you what works and what doesn’t. Try and not get too personal with a website, as after all, it’s not all about what you like but what your visitors want.

Most website designers will give you a number of visuals that you can look through and decide which one best suits the website you require for your business.

Be sure you are completely happy with the design before you sign it off for programming as changes made at a later date will often incur an additional charge.

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