If you are undergoing a review of your website and the keywords you are targeting then you need to think carefully about how relevant your keywords are and if they are going to generate enough traffic. Some people go only for generic phrases which attract a lot of visitors but also take a lot to get ranked for. If your site is relatively new or a small website you may struggle to rank above some of your competitors for generic phrases. You may wish to target more specific phrases such as long tail phrases or ones that are less searched for as these are easier to rank for and will get you high quality traffic. If for example you offer bespoke bedroom furniture then rather than just targeting bedroom furniture you may wish to target bespoke bedroom furniture or bespoke bedroom designers. You may also want to target specific locations rather than the whole of the UK. This is especially important when using paid for Ads such as Google Adwords or Facebook Ads as you only want your ad shown to people that live in areas you can offer your products or services to.

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