When it comes to marketing your website you will often hear the terms on-page or off-page. This may often be confusing at first but our easy guide below gives you an over view of what you need to know for both. 

On-page optimisation is when you make changes on a page or pages within your site (such as updating the content, changing the meta data, adding links) or by adding new pages to your site. It may be that you add a blog or that you optimisation the content on a page in include more keywords. On page optimisation also includes adding XML site maps and robots.txt files to your website in order to get the site indexed quicker and correctly. On-page optimisation is done to improve the rankings on the search engines.

Off-page optimisation is techniques that are used off the actual site to improve the websites traffic and rankings.  This may include building up external links to your site, creating blogs and comments on other sites, social media interaction, uploading videos to sites such as YouTube and PPC campaigns.

A combination of on page and off page optimisation is best when you are looking to get the most out of your website.

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