Most devices that run some sort of software will need to be updated from time to time. These include anything from phones, tablets and computers through to TV’s, routers and even smart watches.

As technology advances updates are needed to be able to feed new or improved functionality to your device. For example, on your phone, you may install an app update for your online banking which will add new functionality such as viewing previous statements etc. Updates also often include a lot of additional security functions and if you do not do them you may be leaving yourself vulnerable to a cyber attack or fraud.

Often if you do not do a number of updates you will start to find that may applications and services stop working or become unreliable.

Before you do updates it is important to try and take a back up of your important documents or pictures in case something goes wrong during the back up. Sometimes updates are scheduled to be done at set times, but if this is not going to be convenient for you, then schedule a new time when the device is not needed to be used.

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