Almost all of us have some sort of social media presence, this may be a profile on Facebook or an account on Twitter or simply access to Instagram. Social media is not only popular for individuals but also can work very well for many businesses.

As a business owner you may worry about which social media sites you should use to advertise your business through. Often it depends on which type of industry you are in and the time and budget you have to spend.

If you are thinking of doing paid for advertising and have a business that sells direct to the public then Facebook can work really well.

When creating a profile on a social media site such as Facebook, be sure to add as much as possible in terms of detail to your profile. You can add your logo, your address and contact details, photos and also a detailed description of your business and what you sell. You want to give your readers important information about your company that they will find useful and examples of the products or service you sell.

When it comes to creating posts, be sure to make them relevant and interesting. Giving your flowers a reason to share your posts can also work well, such as through competitions.

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