Despite online marketing being around for a good number of years now, there are stills some companies that have yet to really get to grips with it. For businesses who are not yet actively marketing online, they could be missing out on a huge amount of revenue.

For many companies, the first thing they do when it comes to online marketing is have a website created. This can be used as a portfolio to showcase your products and services or an e-commerce site to sell online. If you are a little worried about ploughing that much money straight in to web development then you may want to explore the social media marketing platform first. You can advertise on here in several ways and do not need a website.

Setting up an account on the social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can be a great way to communicate with people regardless of their location. Make sure that you update your profile regularly to ensure that the information is up to date and post content that is useful and interesting for your followers to read.  Be careful to get the balance right though as too many updates in a short space of time can become annoying and be seen as spamming, which will lose followers.

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