One of the most important parts of internet marketing for business is their google ranking. Google has changed a great deal over the last ten years, becoming a search engine increasingly keyed toward websites which provide a lot of information to their users. An authority website refers to this change, and is what you need to become in order to beat your competition. An authority website is basically what it sounds like, it means becoming an authority on the subjects relevant to the products you are selling. If your website is set up to sell aquariums, then you need to provide all of the relevant information for your users benefit, as well as to maintain the interest of search engines. Once you have established a great database of information regarding your subject matter, then your website has the potential to engender interest among your users, and potentially your competitors as well. Once your competitors rely upon your website for the information you offer, then you have established yourself as an authority, and set yourself a step above the rest of your competition.

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