The online marketing industry is certainly a good one to get into as it is constantly growing year upon year. With technology advancing, and many people now using the internet more and more on a number of devices, it seems logical for companies to market in this way.

There is a huge scope of jobs available within the online marketing industry so even if you do not have experience working with the online marketing sector previously, you may find that skills and experience from a previous job may be useful to you.

If you feel that you are good at managing but do not have a clue about the technical side of marketing, then you may be able to be an office manager or team leader, where you are responsible for ensuring that all programmers /designers etc have the information they need to continue to design and create the website for the client.

The wages for jobs within the online marketing industry are also quite good and there is often many opportunities to move up through the ladders over a relatively short period of time.



For many people, marketing and advertising can make them feel on edge and suspicious if it is too aggressively undertaken. The key to a successful marketing campaign is to approach people in a relaxed manner that puts them at ease in a position where they can take in what your product or service has to offer and how it could benefit them.

Most marketing campaigns for brand awareness follow the rule of three. This is basically a rule that you need to see a product through 3 different forms of media to accept and recognise the brand. This may be reading a magazine article about it, watching an advert on TV and seeing a sponsored advert on social media.

Successful marketing can make a potential buyer feel a need for a product and give them a reason why that particular brand would be best rather than any other competitors without making the customer feel bombarded with information and promotional offers.

For most companies investing in a great marketing campaign can massively increase the productivity of their business and brand awareness at the same time and it very much is the case that where marketing and advertising are concerned you do get what you pay for.

Many companies believe that social media marketing is not for them and that they do not need to advertise their business in this way. Not having a presence on the social media sites can mean that you miss out on business and opportunities of work.

Much of the advertising that is done on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter is free, so it seems silly to not include this in your strategy as even if you only get one or two enquiries a month from it, it may have cost you nothing and so is still worthwhile. Many businesses steer clear of social media marketing as it is unknown to them (especially if they do not use it in their personal life). If you really do not feel confident in using social media sites or if you want to get some expert advice, then why not turn to a social media marketing company to assist you. Often they offer a range of packages to suit your business and budget and will either manage it for you or help you to manage your accounts effectively.


When looking at marketing for your website you may consider links. Links can have a huge impact on the rankings of your site, with sites that have many sites linking to them often ranked higher than those who don’t. Google and the other search engines state that these links should be organic and should have been built up natural, they very much frown upon paid for links.

Although they frown upon paid for links, it is very hard sometimes for them to find out which links are genuine and which are paid for, so many marketing companies do use links.

The links need to be from sites that are relevant and good quality to really have any sort of impact. These links are best to be found within the text of another site rather than a link down the side which can look like a sponsored link and therefore paid for.

Within a page of a website you are able to create meat data. This is data that is only seen by the search engines and is often not shown on the front page of the site for the visitors. Metadata usually consists of a title, description and list of keywords and the idea is to tell the search engine such as Google, what the page is about.

Historically, metadata had a lot of weight in terms of SEO and many marketers used it to get pages ranked for certain phrases. Some SEO experts now believe that metadata has very little or no influence of rankings and therefore often ignore to fill it in.

I believe that it still does have some effect on SEO and therefore should be filled in completely and with the correct keywords that the page is targeting. It is better to complete this information rather than to leave it blank.