A marketing strategy is vital to any business that wants to succeed. Often marketing can overlap in to more than one area and for this reason alone, it is vital that your business has a marketing strategy. If you do not coordinate your marketing strategy then you may find that you end up spending money on the same aspect twice or missing out on a huge part of marketing that could bring in a lot of business.

A marketing strategy looks at all of the areas of your selling activities and helps each one support the next, making sure all of your departments are aware of what each is doing. You can of course create your own marketing strategy, but I would strongly recommend working with a marketing company. They will be able to advise you where’s best to invest your money and how to get the greatest return. If you are working with multiple marketing agencies then you need to make sure that they also speak to each other or that you update them as to what is being done so there is no cross over and so they can check it fits in with what they plan on doing too.



As a business owner you need to have a certain level of trust in your web developer and web designer. With web development you may have to invest money and not actually see any physical changes immediately, especially in marketing. You may have to invest heavily upfront to start to reap the rewards later on but this requires trust and knowledge that your web marketing team know what they are doing. Never just let a marketing company run away with your budget without explaining how it is going to be spent. Ideally try and ask them to give you some sort of idea as to what you can expect in return and how long it will take, at least this way it will give you something to be able to monitor against.

. Search Engine Optimisation, unlike some other avenues of online marketing can take a number of months for you to start seeing the benefits. You may need to invest time and money, trusting that in a few months you will start to see why. You can ask your marketing company to set up an analytics package on your website, if you do not already have one, such as Google analytics to allow you to monitor the traffic to the site.

If you in any doubt as to what is being suggested to you, don’t be afraid to find out more and you could even do a bit of your own research.



Many business owners may of heard the term content marketing but are not really sure exactly what it means or in fact how or what they need to do. Content has always been important in terms of marketing but recently teams and roles are being created within companies to tackle this subject. As a result of this, content is becoming more tactical and is being thought about in more detail.

When writing content, try not to just think about your customers but also about your visitors. You may be speaking to people that have never visited your site before or are at the very early stages of the buying process so it is important not to get too carried away with technical jargon or limiting choices at this early stage.

Just from one written article you can create a whole host of other types of content that you will be able to post or display elsewhere. It may be that from the one original article you can actually create videos, webinars, Tweets and diagrams. These allow you to get the most out of one piece of writing and different media’s will attract different types of visitors allowing you a greater reach.



Many companies and businesses are now getting on board with social media marketing. Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have been around for a number of years now and whereas previously they were mostly used for personal use, more and more businesses are taking advantage of them as a marketing platform.

The beauty of social media is that you can very quickly reach a large amount of people and often at little or no cost. To get your social media accounts to work correctly you will need to know how and when to use them. For example, it may be that you need to post a number of business orientated posts and a number of more fun, personal posts.

Unless you want to spend hours and hours reading blog posts and watching tutorials, you may well be better off speaking to a social media expert who will be able to manage your accounts for you or advise you of how to use them effectively.

Social media marketing can be done with no cost apart from your time, so is a great way for start up businesses to do some quality marketing without having to fork out thousands of pounds.


If you want to drive more high-quality traffic to your internet site, get more customers, and naturally more sales, you can do this simply by implementing an effective content marketing strategy.

What is Content Marketing Precisely?

Content marketing is simply the method of making and publishing nicely-crafted and helpful info which can take varied forms,e.g., content for your blogs or website, explanatory videos, and other helpful content that individuals that are searching for your product or service can find simply.

The key to running a successful content marketing strategy would be first to figure out what somebody would be looking for, creating suitable content that addresses those desires and questions and advertising it, using search optimisation strategies so the searcher can easily find your content. Read More →