Twitter is a social media platform, which is used to send small messages to one person or all of your followers, y can also send images to each other as well. Twitter has become increasingly popular over the last few years, and as a platform, it is more widely used as a means through which companies operate marketing campaigns. Twitter marketing is a cost effective method of getting your agenda out there. All you need is twitter account and a personal blog or website.  Marketing through twitter has gained popularity throughout marketing companies as it is easy to understand. The goal of any twitter account is to gain followers. These followers are important because the number is the most effective way of judging how many people have access to the information you are putting out. This is not a perfect judge however, as most people who are using it for marketing means would set their twitter account to public; meaning it is viewable to everyone, not just followers. Maintaining fresh and relevant content on your twitter page will ensure that you maintain, and have the opportunity to increase, the number of followers you hold. It is important to be responsive in twitter, if not, then you won’t be considered a good tweeter.  Create engaging conversation about the product or service and keep the followers updated will help increase your number of followers.