No matter what industry you are in, the internet houses a whole host of avenues for marketing techniques. One increasingly effective marketing method is based around the trade services such as building carpentry and plumbing. These types of tradespeople can be marketed on review based websites such as Myhammer, ratedpeople and checkatrade.

These websites allow customers to leave feedback regarding services and read and rate tradespeople after receiving their services. This is a fantastic marketing idea for tradespeople who have a great customer satisfaction reputation even if they charge a little above the average costs as most people will be willing to pay a little more for a builder/plumber with a great reputation.

Internet marketing for any industry that allows customers to post feedback is a great advertising tool and shows that you have confidence in the service your business provides. It also allows a method of dealing with any negative feedback as on these websites you can reply to customer comments to show that you also offer great customer service if clients aren’t 100% satisfied.

SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing and covers a range of topics from Searching Engine Optimisation (SEO) to Pay per Click (PPC) and much in-between.

If you want your website to perform well on the search engine results pages (SERPS) then you need to ensure that you have a level of Search Engine Marketing that is correct to the current level of competition and the results you hope to achieve.

You can carry out certain elements of online marketing yourself, even with little knowledge but this can be risky and can actually end up being detrimental to the rankings of your site.

I would strongly recommend that you take advice from a specialist marketing agency who will be able to assist you with the process and advise you on what they think you need to do in order for the website to perform well.

Budget is always the main issue when it comes to marketing, so you need to have an idea of what you wish to spend and be aware of the restrictions you may face if the budget is particularly small.

Setting up a pay per click campaign can be relatively easy, but creating a great one requires a lot of skill and experience. One of the main things you need to do is research. You need to find out what people type in to visitor your site and if those are the type of people that buy from you.

You will need to analyse the traffic to your site in some depth to understand this and it is advised that you employ a specialist web marketing company to assist you with this as they often have software that can find out this information quickly. Once you have a list of keywords you then need to decide which ones you are going to target depending on how much budget you have available.

One of the most important tasks that you need to do once you campaign is up and running is to check back in to the statistics of the campaign to see what sort of results you are getting as you may need to do some further optimisation on it to get it performing well.

There are several SEO agencies in Wellingborough and choosing the best is important in ensuring that your entire website gets more visibility in search engines. Search engines are one of the best platforms for businesses to sell their products and services as well as promote their brand online. It is important to point out that search engine optimisation is one of the most important factors to consider for you to run any online business today. Some people prefer hiring the services of an in-house professional to ensure that all their recommendations are met. However, others prefer using search engine optimisation agencies and they immensely benefit from service level agreements, broad knowledge base and use of updated techniques. The following are reasons why you should hire the services of SEO agencies in Wellingborough.

Professional quality work 

Since search engine optimisation is part of the work done by these agencies, you can expect a systematized discharge of their work. Most search engine optimisation agencies understand what is expected of them as far as optimisation is concerned and as a result they already have systems in place to ensure that all their client’s needs are met. By hiring the services of an search engine optimisation agency you will benefit from regular updates and reports on the progress they have made on your project. On top of that, the people working on your online project are professionals and competent enough to deliver quality work. They are experienced in the field of search engine optimisation. Therefore you will sit and wait knowing that your project is being handled by professionals.

Saves you time and money 

A good search engine optimisation agency understands the nature and complexities of search engine algorithms. This knowledge enables them to strategise effectively in order to increase your website’s search engine rankings. Hiring an inexperienced individual to do it or doing it yourself will require considerable amount of time and in most cases either of you may fail in the process. But when you seek the services of professional agencies, you will save time and money by getting the services you need. You can concentrate on other business issues and leave the concerns of marketing, rankings and optimisation to be handled by the search engine optimisation agency.

Comprehensive monitoring and optimisation solutions 

The difference between a search engine optimisation agency and a search engine optimisation professional is that an agency keeps track of your project by comprehensively monitoring its progress and including other optimisation solutions. They not only help in making your website visible in search engines but they do all they can to keep it there. A search engine optimisation professional will only make your website visible or be ranked top in search engines but after a few days or hours it will no longer appear. Search engine optimisation agencies use effective strategies that not only deliver results but ensure that your website is ranked highly by search engines for long.

Benefit from other SEO services

By hiring the services of search engine optimisation agencies in Wellingborough, you will benefit from other SEO services for example social media optimization, geo targeted services, conversion optimisation, and search engine optimized website development as well as other customized search engine optimisation solutions.


If you can have a link to your site put on another website this may not only help with direct traffic from people clicking on the link but can also look good in the eyes of some of the search engines as it shows that other websites think the information on your site is important. Web marketing of this type should be analysed before you agree to pay for links on sites. If the site is very relevant, for example you may be offering hotel accommodation on a theme park website, then the chances are you will get people clicking through which in turn could convert to enquiries.
A good option to discuss with potential link partners is a trial period of say 3 months. You may agree a free trial or a special discounted price for this period to track how affective it is before you tie in to any long term commitment. Ensure you have adequate tracking software installed on your website to check the results and amount of visitors etc you have acquired from this link, do not just rely on the information provided by the link partner.